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Should I buy a new computer?

In Uncategorized on February 19, 2011 at 8:56 pm

We will often get this question from a frustrated customer.  Their computer has been giving them trouble for weeks and they’ve installed every spy ware remover and registry cleaner they can find to try and fix it.  They’ve heard it’s cheaper to just buy a new computer rather than getting the old one fixed. 

Do you need a new computer? That all depends.  How old is the computer you have and what do you use it for?  If your computer is 5 years old or newer, in most cases the average compute user does not need a new computer.  Most people use their home computer to check emails, search the internet, and maybe some basic pictures and music file useage.  What they do need is to have their computer cleaned up from several years of use or possibly have Windows reinstalled.  Your computer could likely use a good cleaning inside the case to get all the dust out that accumulates over time. Canned or compressed air will do the trick. 

Is it really cheaper to just buy a new computer?  At the time of this writing I looked on Dell’s website.  A Dell Inspiron with Windows 7 Home Edition, a AMD Athlon II 2.9 processor, 3 GB memory, and 750 GB hard drive runs for $379 with 7 day free shipping. (monitor, keyboard or mouse, not included).  Like everything else you get what you pay for.  A good up-to-date computer system with monitor will cost $800 and up. 

Should you repair your existing computer.  A good local computer repair shop will charge anywhere from $75 to $190 to backup your data, reinstall Windows, restore your data, clean the inside of the computer and install additional memory if needed (1 GB of DDR memory will cost $40-$70).  On the high end you’ll pay $260-$300 + tax and on the low end $115-$150 + tax for labor and memory.  I think these are pretty fair numbers.  You’re older computer will be as fast as the day you bought it or even better if you have more memory installed. 

I hope this helps you decide if you should go ahead and buy a new computer. 

If you live in Charlotte NC Carolina IT Services charges $75 for computer cleaning, spy ware viruses, optimizing, or reinstalling Windows.  Right now 1 GB DDR of memory is $55 for a grand total of $130 + tax.  Go to for more information. 

Don’t live in Charlotte NC?  Call around to the locally owned computer shops and get the best price.  Do yourself a favor and don’t go to the big box store for your repairs.  I won’t go into details here but I’ve heard nightmare stories from our customers.